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Kabardino-Balkar Republic by Azret Kalmykov
This site has interesting information on Kabardian economy and industry. Investment opportunities are detailed. In the absence of an official site from nalchik, this is an excellent effort by Mr. Kalmyk to introduce his native republic on the net.

CV OF Vladimir Kokov President of Kabardino-Balkaria

Yuri Temirkan(OV), the foremost caucasian maestro

Biography of Yuri Temirkan(OV)
With clips from sergei prokofiev's "Alexander Nevsky" and a list of three recommended recordings.

A Grammar of the Kabardian Language by John Colarusso
First comprehensive grammar of Kabardian in a non-Russian language. A complete account of the phonology and morphology of the language is presented. A work which should have been put out by the Kabardian Republic has been single-handedly tackled by professor colarusso.

Kabarda, the best mountain horse
Native North Caucasian breed. Mainly a saddle horse. It has a fair speed and is known for its remarkable endurance.

Kabardian-english dictionary by Amjad Jaimoukha
Contains 21,000 entries and thousands of expressions, it has 574 pages. Principally based on the Kabardian-Russian dictionary, which was edited by prof. Kardan, Moscow 1957. A must for the learner of Kabardian.

Kabardin-Balkar Repblic
Gives concise information on the republic. Good for quick reference.

Shora B. Nogmov, Kabardian Folklorist and Historian
Nogmov (1794-1844) was the first linguist to describe the grammar of Kabardian. He also wrote a history of the Kabardians.

Circassian mythology should be one of the principal pivots of adygha cultural renaissance. Its dissemination will definitely enrich human civilization. A sampler tale "sausryqua fetches fire" is included.

Investment Legislation in Kabardino-Balkria
Site details investment legislation and gives brief data on the republic.



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